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The summary is called a report on a certain topic, in which the information is obtained from one or more sources. Also, such a plan may present a brief summary of any books, articles etc.

The important point for writing a paper is considered to be the preparation of titulki, who are the face of the report. To address this issue is possible, as before writing the work itself, and after its implementation, most importantly, to the initial sheet was designed according to existing standards and does not contain grammatical or semantic mistakes.

The contents

Prepare the title page of the abstract.

As they say, meet on clothes, and thus, the first impression about the scientific work done by a student, the teacher will get acquainted with titulky essay.

Most often, each school has its own sample preparation a cover page, a description of which can be found in the manuals issued by the Department, however, there are requirements to adhere to which stands the student of all Universities of our state. The main ones are as follows:

  • at the top of the sheet (centered) displays information on the Ministry of education of the country;
  • the next line of the title page should contain the name of higher education institutions.
  • skipping 2-3 lines, you should specify the Department, which the teacher will accept the job;
  • The basic requirements for title sheet of written work.
  • missing 8 strings, you must specify the job type, in our case it is the abstract;
  • this is followed by the subject of the report;
  • missing 3 string using the right alignment, you should place information about the student who wrote the essay: the author’s name, the group in which he is studying, the course number, the form of study, which may be full-or part-time (before these information costs capitalized to write the word “Fulfilled”);
  • further information is available about the teacher (I Checked: the name of the staff of an educational institution);
  • bottom with centre alignment is specified city and year of registration (Gus-Khrustalny-2017).

All lines of the title page should be typed in capital letters in 14 font, except for those that specify type of work (abstract) and the theme is their need to gain bold 16 font.

Tips on proper preparation of titulki

Tips for beginners.

the bottom and top margins should be 2 cm each;

the size of the right — 1 cm;

These rules cover page of the abstract comply with the GOST 2.105-95, enacted in 1995 and effective in the territory of such States as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and apply to all types of research papers. Your home page may be issued in accordance with GOST 7.32-2001 (“research reports”). This standard applies to the establishment of research projects, including the abstract.

Each school can make some adjustments due to specific areas of work of the Department, however the basis remains unchanged. Title page decorated by the proposed scheme, will probably be recognized correctly. So if a student for any reason missed the lesson in which the teacher talked about the rules of writing title page of a given essay, the student can safely use the information provided.


Is it worth to pay much attention to the design of the title page of the essay?

The design of the title page of the essay is a more demanding exercise than it might seem to the student at first glance. Illiterate is composed of the initial piece of work may have a negative set of the teacher and the cause of his prejudice towards the report as a whole.

If you carefully follow all the proposed rules, the preparation of the cover sheet will not be so and complicated task, besides, it will not take too much student time.

Different departments of Universities oblige students to use when drawing a title page for the summary of existing GOST, or offer their requirements in the manuals. Even if the University has personal rules of drawing up of the first page of the report, writing it in accordance with the state standard will not be considered a mistake.

A well-designed titulky essay significantly increases the chances of receiving a positive rating for the work performed.

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